Latinos of Tomorrow was a product of the 2004 BizFest Entrepreneurship Workshop. The original concept for LOTs was developed by Wyandotte High School student Crystal Perez and was initially structured as a Junior Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2004, the Latinos of Tomorrow program has helped thousands of students reach their academic goals. We have supported students through the scholarship and financial aid process, resulting in thousands of dollars in scholarships aid. We have provided academic support to high school students and guided college graduates through the transition to the professional world.


Our mission is to provide high schools of the Greater Kansas City Metro area a structure to assess and identify the educational gaps and barriers to college access faced by students. Once identified, Latinos of Tomorrow senior advisors and volunteers would tailor a curriculum to counteract those barriers and mobilize resources to provide support.


Our vision is to ensure that every Latino student in the Greater Kansas City Metro area, regardless of the high school they attend, has ample opportunities and resources to access and thrive in higher education.